Right out of the still, the Armagnac is stored in the cellars, in oak barrels called "pièces" with a capacity of 400-420 liters. The wood of the barrels come from the forests of Gascony or Limousin.
The aging in oak allows the eaux-de-vie to refine itself and enrich itself after complex reactions in which part of tannic and aromatic wood dissolves in alcohol....
The young eaux-de-vie stays in new "pièces" until the winemaker believes that the extraction is optimal. They are then transferred to older barrels to complete the transformations underway. Throughout the aging, alcoholic strength gradually decreases by evaporation of the alcohol: it's the famous "angels' share". It takes more than 10 years before sale a vintage. When the winemaker considers the eaux-de-vie in their heyday (sometimes after more than 50 years of age ), he puts them in « Dames-Jeannes ».
The « Dames-Jeannes », large bottles usually used to preserve these beautiful Armagnacs are then carefully stored in the "paradise".